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What makes Your Steel Toed Bookkeeper stand out? For starters, we bring our services to you – picking up and dropping off the book work. Our professional staff offer full cycle bookkeeping for all sizes of companies throughout BC’s Fraser Valley. Wondering about our experience? Our client base covers virtually all sizes of business – from small (under $100K) to large (multi-million plus).

We Have Specialized Knoweldge for the Trade Sector

Your Steel Toed Bookkeeper is open to serving all industries but we also offer specialized services for the trades sector. We know there are some unique challenges facing these business owners. We know they usually don’t work at the same place every day, it’s not uncommon for them to move from one job site to another and they might even work from home from time to time. They spend a lot of time in their vehicles, too. As a result, they typically have a lot of paper that needs to be detailed, organized and accessible. Your Steel Toed Bookkeeper can handle all of that. We also know about project costing and how it impacts a company’s tax reporting requirements.

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Looking for one less thing to worry about when it comes to managing your company? Let Your Steel Toed Bookkeeper help you manage your payroll, cash flow, government remittances and other accounting-related services. When you’re financially organized, you’re better equipped for success.

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